Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Smell of Warm Cookies...

Since there's more of a foot of snow outside, I had I snow day. :)  I made cookies for my family because of it.  They were really good...  :P  (I just love to torcher everyone with food.  It's my specialty!)

Yes, I got a new picture for the blogger heading AND for my icon.  (Well, they're the same picture, one's just smaller....)

Waiting for Kingdom Hearts Coded to come out in english for the DS~!  And episode 144 of Yugioh 5Ds~!
(I swear the Japanese realese things really slowly to tick everyone else off...)

This post is brought to you buy a dark, evil creature that will steal your heart in the middle of the night....

Don't let that cute little face fool you.... *Shifty eyes*

(Just to let everyone know, the whole "This post is brought to you buy"  thing is everyone once and a while.  A won't do it every post (Only if you guys say otherwise...), it's just when I feel like it.)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stinky school and thank you cards....

Meh, so it's now 2011.  Yay....  I don't get why people get so worked for New Years.  Everone goes back to school and work a day afterwards.
And you have to start making thank you cards to all of your relatives.  Blech...
On a better note, my parents are going to a concert tonight, so me and my siblings get the house to ourselves. I'll probably work on a new picture for the heading when they're gone.  :)

BOOM SHAKA LAKA!  *Hits Donna on the head with a green pillow*  :P

This post is brought to you by Cup Ramen Man!

 Revenging ramen lovers everywhere!
  *Blows noisemaker*