Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop. Picture time! (LONG POST)

Well, I found my USB Drive.   :D  (No, Shadowbringer, it was not in my pocket the whole time.)

Hear that Rebecca?  She said I was nice!   >:D
I never said you weren't.  You're just a coward, that's all.
 At the Ravenwood Ball.  :D  (Take note of the two 'twins' in the background.)
If you spot yourself in any of the pictures, BROWNIE POINTS!  Too bad I can't give you real brownies.......

 The party was really right in front of the entrance, and the Girl's Dorm Rooms.  XD

 Inside the Jade Palace.  The Emperor is wasting space!   D: He should build mini rooms there.....

 I never knew Shadowbringer was a pyromaniac....
I'm not!  T_T

 Really?  I doubt that.........

 Die Hunter!  >:)
Thanks for the support.  :(

 (After defeating Nightshade......)
Oh, it's Dworgyn! Such a nice teacher.
Kinda weird looking.............
*Hits Hunter on the head*  Be respectful.  OR ELSE.

 Welp, that's it.  I don't know when I'm gonna post again.  On GONNA-GET-DOWN-ON-FRIDAY-Friday, my family and I are going up to Maine.  And then after that, I start camp with Alura and Donna, which last for two weeks. 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post Ravenwood Ball.

First thing; A new blogger header!   WOOT!  I spent almost my whole time on the computer yesterday making it. 

..... You put yourself there.

I sure did.  :p

You made my scar so apparent too.  *Hides face in embarrassment.* 

You said to make it accurate.  So I did. 

I've always said that Rebecca is cruel, but I think you're even crueler Dark.

Shadowbringer isn't cruel.  She just grumpy all the time.  :p


Second, I went to the Ravenwood Ball yesterday and took some pictures, but I was using another computer, so I transported them onto a USB drive, and then lost it.

That's why you have to be organized, Dark.  Clean off your desk once a week.

A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind. 

No, it's just that you're being lazy. 

*Shoves Shadowbringer out of the room*  Well, that's all for today.  If I find that stinkin' USB drive, I'll post those pictures right away.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Level, Crab Alley, and a New Blogger Header.....

So I finally got enough crowns to get Crab Alley.  YAY!  Also, Shadowbringer is Level 38! 

However, I only got picture when Rebecca went up against the mad scientist. 

FOR SCIENCE!  *Takes out dissection knife*

 I could get use to this...... *Smirk*

Did you win the staring contest, Rebecca?
No.  T_T

The Door...
The Door?
The-the Door!  :P
Stay out of this Hunter.

And, probably next post, the heading of this page will have Rebecca, Hunter and Taylor on it!  (They were complaining too much....)

Also another important thing, for some odd reason, I cannot comment on others blogs.  So if it's something really important, I'll be posting it on here until I can find the solution.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hey people!

I finally got Wizard 101 to work again.  YAY!  :D

Hmph.  About time.

I agree. Your last post was almost a month ago.   

We were getting kinda bored...

Anyway, picture time!    (This is a long one, so..... yeah.  It's long.)

I hate schoolists.  T_T
What. Has. She. Been. Saying. About. Us.?  *Death glare*

Is he bowing?   XD

*Gasp*  He stole a samoorai's sword!   How could he!  A soldier's sword is his honor ten times fold!  This just got personal, skeleton monster!
Swords are easy to replace, Hunter.  I wouldn't get worked up over stuff like this...... 

We're on a bridge, Charlie!  A magical, magical bridge!