Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My life right now; finishing summer reading and watching Soul Eater.  Yay!  (Well, reading two books that you really don't want to read in a week isn't really fun.....)  So, I haven't been on Wizard 101 at all.  Yup.

Fun fact;  Moon dust smells like gunpowder. 


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Header and Level 45!

Shadowbringer got contacts?  Blasphemy!   XD

I think I look cooler without glasses. And why is Hunter taller than me?
Wait, I am?  Oh, your hat makes you look taller.

 I'm taller than any of you.  :)

Okay, along with the new blog header, Shadowbringer is now Level 45!  Yay for cool wands!       


IMMORTAL PONY. Either that or extremely heat resistant.

 Protection Poxes are the personification of evil.
Someone named Alex DragonBloom helped Shadowbringer defeat the Earth Elemental.  Death shields are also very evil.

Look!  An alive person!
Helping Alura Duskblade with the Jade Oni.
 Alura never got the secret item in the Jade Palace.  So Donna Spellthorn and I were telling her what it looked like.  We were wrong.
So, that's all for this post.  The Ravenwood Radio is on tomorrow night, and I'll hopefully be listening.  :)  
But just remember......

It's watching you....  *creepy music*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A few things.

First up: The House-a-paloza  (Or whatever it's called.)  If anyone knows someone who's doing a contest for a Marleybone or ice themed house, tell me please! :)  It would be nice if Taylor got one.  :3

But I am not even level 15 yet.

You're gonna be soon, because I'm running out of crowns.  I'll only be able to buy the next area in Dragonspyre. 
Second: Shadowbringer has only done the Tower Archives sidequest.  The one with these two as the bosses?

Yeah, that's about it.  :/

And the crafting quest.  I started that too.  

Right.........  So, more things will be coming.And this will be the last reminder, but if you haven't voted on the polls, vote!  :D


Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess what? :D (Long post)

Drum roll please.......

*Cricket cricket*

Fine then.  *Clears throat*


What is it?

You haven't realized that everyone is dead?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Right. 

What's bad about that?  I thought you death students were use to those things?

I'm from Dragonspyre, you IDIOT!  Not only is everyone in sight dead, but the place is in ruins!  And I don't even know if my mom and dad are still alive......

......I-I'm sorry.  I didn't know.

Well, on the bright side, I read in a newspaper the other day about a refugee camp in Marleybone.  Your parents could be there.

It's possible....

Moving on from the depressing stuff.... PICTURE TIME!  (Most of the picture are Shadowbringer... hehe)

You have a weird way of changing subjects.....

 The Tree of Life isn't very lively... :D

(I'm suffering a brain fart...... I can't think of any entertaining captions......)

Well that will be all for now.  And if you haven't voted on my polls, please do so!  :D

Hey Hunter?


...Do you realize that you've been holding my hand for the entire post?

 W-what?  N-no I haven't!  


Friday, August 5, 2011

*Le sigh*

I've got to stop with these long, out-of-the-blue hiatuses.  :/
All my followers on twitter probably know that I was having issues with blogger and google.  That was fixed about a week ago, but then I went to Maine, and the only computers available were macs, so I couldn't play wizard 101.
Putting that aside, Shadowbringer now knows the wraith spell, and is currently in Village of Sorrow. She's getting really close to finishing Mooshu.  YAY!

Good.  No more artificially colored grass......

I already told you! The grass in completely normal!


Every single time.  *Sigh*

Next post will probably be sometime this weekend, so stay tuned!  :D
Oh, and I'm putting up two new polls. Go vote!