Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, I've had a really bad cold for almost a week, and my patience level when I'm sick is like a two, so I took a break from Dragonspyre and started to finish Wysteria with Shadowbringer.

We didn't get very far.   



Don't sat that in front of them!  Tell them we made good progress!

I may be grumpy, but I'm not a liar!

Ha!  You know as well as I do that's not true.

You aren't better yourself, Hunter!

I never said I was!  


....Right.  Thanks Taylor.
 Anyway, picture time! 

 What?  You know it's true!

THIS needs to be a furniture item.....
................I'd be in mine, right?
You know, I never thought of you as a person you'd like, um, alive stuff?
 Have you even seen the number of trees at my house?!?!
I take it back.... O.O

 This also needs to be one....

And I want that dude as a pet.  (Flaming dragon FTW)

I don't know why, but I want to go back to school really badly.  Hopefully I'll be able to go tomorrow and get all the homework and classwork I missed and do it over the weekend.  :P

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm alive! SPREAD DA WORD!

Let's just say school happened.....  Yup.

Onward to Wizard 101 stuff!  *Trumpets*
 ...Okay there isn't much stuff about that either.  Except that Hunter's garden pretty much died.  O.O 

Well... almost.  :P

It's dead enough!  *Morns over dead dandelion*

Shadowbringer also made it to the Grand Chasm and went back in time in the TARDIS

I never get to finish the darn thing, thanks to your impatience. 

...I deny nothing! *Shift eyes*
So... that's all for today.  I WILL post again when the weekend comes.  :D