Saturday, August 13, 2011

A few things.

First up: The House-a-paloza  (Or whatever it's called.)  If anyone knows someone who's doing a contest for a Marleybone or ice themed house, tell me please! :)  It would be nice if Taylor got one.  :3

But I am not even level 15 yet.

You're gonna be soon, because I'm running out of crowns.  I'll only be able to buy the next area in Dragonspyre. 
Second: Shadowbringer has only done the Tower Archives sidequest.  The one with these two as the bosses?

Yeah, that's about it.  :/

And the crafting quest.  I started that too.  

Right.........  So, more things will be coming.And this will be the last reminder, but if you haven't voted on the polls, vote!  :D



  1. Why don't you just buy a 1 month subscription? It's only 10 dollars. Well actually you might have a specific reason for doing Pay-by-Area so nvm.
    Also, draw more often! You are a really good artist!

  2. @Caroline Dawnrunner The reason why I pay by area is because I sometimes go on very long breaks. I've definitely saved money by just paying for crowns. :)
    And as for the drawing part; Some news is coming up in the next post about that..... :P