Friday, August 5, 2011

*Le sigh*

I've got to stop with these long, out-of-the-blue hiatuses.  :/
All my followers on twitter probably know that I was having issues with blogger and google.  That was fixed about a week ago, but then I went to Maine, and the only computers available were macs, so I couldn't play wizard 101.
Putting that aside, Shadowbringer now knows the wraith spell, and is currently in Village of Sorrow. She's getting really close to finishing Mooshu.  YAY!

Good.  No more artificially colored grass......

I already told you! The grass in completely normal!


Every single time.  *Sigh*

Next post will probably be sometime this weekend, so stay tuned!  :D
Oh, and I'm putting up two new polls. Go vote!


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