Friday, July 22, 2011

LEVEL GRINDING! (And all it's evil forms.......)

Shadowbringer is really close to level 42!  Huzzah!  But the next place I have to go is Shirataki Temple, which is a dudgeon and I don't have enough time to complete one right now.  So Rebecca's currently level grinding (As the title says).

No I'm not.  I'm confusing newbies by not responding to them.  >:)

Dark's beginning to rub off on you Rebecca.....

Oh, and Hunter's in Krokatopia now.  That's important too.

 And this is his new house. 

And I bought the theater masks from the crown shop.  XD

This was in the back of my mind for a long time; Why is it that you have to wait after each gardening spell you do?  You can't even put furniture down while you're waiting!  Seems rather absurd to me that's all.  :/

That's all for today.   Later!

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