Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dark is now on Twitter! :D

That's right folks!  My sister invited me to join, so I did.  For all who want to follow me, my username is ShadowH2O.  However, the account is for EVERYTHING, so don't be surprised by anything that's not related to Wizard 101.


DAAAAARRRRK!  Where were yoooouuuuu?!  

Oh, playing Minecraft.  Didn't you read John Lifegem's comment yesterday?


So Minecraft is a game?

Yeah. It's sorta like playing with online legos.  XD

And, that's about it.  I'll be posting more soon!


  1. Great stuff. I approve Minecraft in all forms! If you're looking to play without mobs and with unlimited items (really just have "freebuild" mode) there's a great mod that allows you infinite use of all items (and unlimited diamond tools). It's called "Too Many Items" and can be located on Google quite easily. I actually have a normal survival save where I refuse to use the mod, and then a save for creative works :D

  2. "Too Many Items" mode sounds awesome! But I've got my mind set on building the railroad I started about a weeks ago.
    But I'll keep that in mind for later, especially when I start to get frustrated about finding materials. XD

  3. Just Google "Too Many Items Minecraft Mod" and you should get it. Installing it is VERY simple and it doesn't require the ModLoader that most do. Also, check out Painterly for AMAZING custom texture pack building. It's awesome. They have a huge selection of stuff, you go through and check the items you want, and then click "create" and they bundle the pack for you. It's the best thing to happen to texture packs since the invention of a texture pack!!