Thursday, June 23, 2011

Level, Crab Alley, and a New Blogger Header.....

So I finally got enough crowns to get Crab Alley.  YAY!  Also, Shadowbringer is Level 38! 

However, I only got picture when Rebecca went up against the mad scientist. 

FOR SCIENCE!  *Takes out dissection knife*

 I could get use to this...... *Smirk*

Did you win the staring contest, Rebecca?
No.  T_T

The Door...
The Door?
The-the Door!  :P
Stay out of this Hunter.

And, probably next post, the heading of this page will have Rebecca, Hunter and Taylor on it!  (They were complaining too much....)

Also another important thing, for some odd reason, I cannot comment on others blogs.  So if it's something really important, I'll be posting it on here until I can find the solution.


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