Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hey people!

I finally got Wizard 101 to work again.  YAY!  :D

Hmph.  About time.

I agree. Your last post was almost a month ago.   

We were getting kinda bored...

Anyway, picture time!    (This is a long one, so..... yeah.  It's long.)

I hate schoolists.  T_T
What. Has. She. Been. Saying. About. Us.?  *Death glare*

Is he bowing?   XD

*Gasp*  He stole a samoorai's sword!   How could he!  A soldier's sword is his honor ten times fold!  This just got personal, skeleton monster!
Swords are easy to replace, Hunter.  I wouldn't get worked up over stuff like this...... 

We're on a bridge, Charlie!  A magical, magical bridge! 


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