Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop. Picture time! (LONG POST)

Well, I found my USB Drive.   :D  (No, Shadowbringer, it was not in my pocket the whole time.)

Hear that Rebecca?  She said I was nice!   >:D
I never said you weren't.  You're just a coward, that's all.
 At the Ravenwood Ball.  :D  (Take note of the two 'twins' in the background.)
If you spot yourself in any of the pictures, BROWNIE POINTS!  Too bad I can't give you real brownies.......

 The party was really right in front of the entrance, and the Girl's Dorm Rooms.  XD

 Inside the Jade Palace.  The Emperor is wasting space!   D: He should build mini rooms there.....

 I never knew Shadowbringer was a pyromaniac....
I'm not!  T_T

 Really?  I doubt that.........

 Die Hunter!  >:)
Thanks for the support.  :(

 (After defeating Nightshade......)
Oh, it's Dworgyn! Such a nice teacher.
Kinda weird looking.............
*Hits Hunter on the head*  Be respectful.  OR ELSE.

 Welp, that's it.  I don't know when I'm gonna post again.  On GONNA-GET-DOWN-ON-FRIDAY-Friday, my family and I are going up to Maine.  And then after that, I start camp with Alura and Donna, which last for two weeks. 


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