Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stinky school and thank you cards....

Meh, so it's now 2011.  Yay....  I don't get why people get so worked for New Years.  Everone goes back to school and work a day afterwards.
And you have to start making thank you cards to all of your relatives.  Blech...
On a better note, my parents are going to a concert tonight, so me and my siblings get the house to ourselves. I'll probably work on a new picture for the heading when they're gone.  :)

BOOM SHAKA LAKA!  *Hits Donna on the head with a green pillow*  :P

This post is brought to you by Cup Ramen Man!

 Revenging ramen lovers everywhere!
  *Blows noisemaker* 


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  1. CUP RAMEN MAN! Please show me the section in which the beef ramen is located. =P