Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

I was going to post a few days ago, but I ended up getting sick.  I'm still not 100% better though.  It's more like 75%.
We finally have our tree up!  It smells wicked good!  And it snowed, AGAIN!   Well, it's exciting because its only the second snow storm New England had, and we usually had about ten at this point...
For the record, I blame Global Warming.
Beware Donna and her frying pan...

And the extremely girly anime she's watching... I'm on episode 11.  

Yes, Donna, I'm watching Shugo Chara.  Though it will never be as awesome as children's card games.
Yugioh FTW! 

I won't be on tomorrow, so...

Even if you don't celebrate it!



  1. ........................I REGRET NOTHING! *smites with frying pan*

  2. I'M WATCHING IT TOO! The opening AND ending themes are stuck in my head... TT_TT

    Yu-Gi-Oh FTW is right. (Yubel will save me from the frills and pastel colors, btw. ;D )