Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wow, that took awhile....

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got my Holiday update up.  It's first time coloring on paint, so it took longer than I expected.

Right, the picture...  I can't find the find the file on the computer.  I think my sister did something weird while she was playing around with Picasa 3.  T_T''   I'll get it up next time.

Christmas is in 14 DAYS!  AHHHH!  And I have a Social Studies project due on the 20th.  -__-  Apparently, our teacher doesn't know that SOME PEOPLE get READY for Chirstmas BEFORE the week of the holiday.  He is kinda lazy, so he probably waits until the 23rd.  (Just don't tell him I said that.  He scares me half to death.)

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